About Rahmat Farms

Our History

Rahmat Farms was established by Rahmat Group of Companies – a large privately owned conglomerate with a business history of over 70 years. Rahmat Group of Companies is the parent of many independent companies dealing in various sectors including: textile & leather, oil & seed, cold storage, real estate, information technology, e-commerce and restaurant.

Every company that is part of the group is among the leading names of their respective sectors. Rahmat Group employs more than 1,000 people in different countries around the globe. At Rahmat Farms, we are adapting the best practices in cultivation and harvest to nurture the best crop while adhering to the highest food standards.


Our Objective

Our operating philosophy revolves around providing the premium quality food items to consumers. With this philosophy in mind, we aim to bridge the gap that exists in the market between premium farm produce and what is currently available in the market.

We strive to offer premium farm produce to ensure that our consumers eat healthy and stay healthy. Our objective is not only to produce the premium grade food items but also packaging them hygienically and making them accessible to every health conscious consumer.

Our Partners

In our mission to provide the premium farm produce to the customers, we have partnered with following organizations: